An arcade puzzle game that composes music every turn by interacting with artificial intelligence. We used magenta(open source) to generate AI music in real-time.

Media Art Music Interaction Design Game Design

  1. 05 - 2018. 12

Role: Interaction designer

Collaborators: Jooyeon Park(GUI / Motion design), Taehwan Kim(Front-end development), Hyunki Min(Back-end development), Changmin Kim(Back-end development)







Interaction, interpolation and interplay between game and user


Interplaytions was a project incubated by A.I.MAGINE, a 6-month media art project backed by the Seoul City Government that attempted to explore the relationship between AI and humans.

The existence of a 'creative AI' fears a lot of people, as if it can substitute human creators. I wanted to raise questions about this point of view. If AI is capable of producing millions of meaningful creations, how would human creativity be like in the feature? Will human artists be replaced by efficient robot artists?

Instead of trying to define what human creativity is, we focused on one of the essences of human creativity - play. Our team decided to make an interactive game that allows the player to create music with an AI composer. We wanted the player to perceive the AI composer as a creative agent while maintaining the playfulness of creating.

The game is played inside an arcade cabinet, in order to let the player feel that they are actually creating something while using a device that is solely made for gaming.